Marilyn Carren Interdisciplinary Artist, Educator and Lifetime Learner


An artist's exploration of communication

Images and Ideas by Me

I Make Things.  And Solve Problems.

Mostly I use cameras and computers, but I have been known to get my hands dirty.

Imagining Liquid Skies

My most recent solo show examines what the world might resemble if we and nature were all truly one; experiencing both a physical and spiritual connection.

"Melting into Ecstasy"
60" x 40" "Sky River"
60" x 40" "Whirlwind"
60" x 40" "Liquid Sky"
60" x 40" "Fire and Water Coexisting"
60" x 40" "Swirl"
60" x 40" "Melting into Ecstasy"
60" x 40" "Warm Bubbles Rising"
60" x 40" "Bubbles in the Sky"
60" x 40"